4.2A Totally Trusting and Unsuspicious Mind

As already related, initially, on receipt of the Policy Documentation (Document 6B and Document 6C of Appendix 1/6), I read through same.

Read through the Policy Documentation !

Read through it carefully, –––– not just with an open mind, –––– but with the mind of someone who has absolute faith in the honesty and integrity of the Financial Institutions with whom you are dealing !

Read through it secure in the knowledge that you have received ‘expert advice’ and that that expert advice was to choose this Endowment Contract !

Read through it with a totally trusting and unsuspicious mind !


It is obvious to anyone reading the Policy Documentation booklet (Document 6C of Appendix 1/6) containing the Endowment Mortgage Contract’s Provisions, Privileges and Conditions that it is not written in a language intended to be understood by the consumer by merely reading it, no matter how carefully.

Even a careful study by a Solicitor would be unlikely to unfold the full implications of this document. The wording, in fact, goes far beyond the umbra of conventional legalese and creates a tortuous LABYRINTH of interdependent ‘definitions and conditions’ designed to frustrate those seeking to decode them.


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