4.3Post – Contract: THE SCHEDULE indicates that All Premium Payments are Invested

In THE SCHEDULE (Document 6B of Appendix 1/6) ––– a document that stipulates the monetary details relating to the Endowment Mortgage Policy, a document SIGNED and officially indented with the STAMP of Irish Life Assurance plc, a document received by my wife and I AFTER the Time of Contract ––– it clearly states that :


the monthly premium of £147.20 is payable on the Date of Commencement of the Assurance and at monthly intervals thereafter.


the Percentage Allocation (of the Premium Payments) to the fund is 100%.


the Fund applicable to the Policy is the HOMEWAY MORTGAGE FUND (Series 4).

It is crystal clear from THE SCHEDULE that ALL monies (Premiums) paid by my wife and I to Irish Life would be INVESTED by Irish Life in the HOMEWAY MORTGAGE FUND (Series 4).

The understanding of ‘investment’ from THE SCHEDULE is therefore wholly compatible with all representations made by First National and Irish Life PRIOR TO CONTRACT.


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