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Appendix 1/1

First National ‘Home Mortgages’ Explanatory Pamphlet

Appendix 1/2

Case 1 and Case 2 Mortgage Quotations

Appendix 1/3

The Endowment Mortgage chosen by my wife and I

Appendix 1/4

Proposal Form for the Endowment Mortgage, as completed by my wife and I on the 9/5/1991

Appendix 1/5

Details of Loan, advanced to my wife and I by First National on the 1/8/1991

Appendix 1/6

First National Home-Way Mortgage Plan — Policy Documentation, comprising:

Appendix 1/7

Letter from Irish Life, dated 1st June 1993, regarding the status of our investment in our Endowment Policy

Appendix 2/1

LAUTRO and FIMBRA Conduct of Business Rules

Appendix 2/2

The Ombudsman for the Credit Institutions — Explanatory Pamphlet

Appendix 2/3

The Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland — Explanatory Pamphlet

Appendix 2/4

Extracts from the Irish Parliament 1998 Debates on the Office of the Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland

Appendix 2/5


Appendix 2/6


Appendix 4/1

The ‘resolutions’ and ‘rules’ referred to in the First National Home-Way Mortgage Plan

Appendix 4/2

Month by Month Breakdown of the Investment/Fund Value process for our Endowment Mortgage Policy

Appendix 5/1

Derivation of Single Payment Formulae

Appendix 5/2

Derivation of Uniform Series Payment Formulae

Appendix 8/1

Case 1 Analysis Tables

Appendix 9/1

Case 2 Analysis Tables

Appendix 10/1

Analysis Table 7

Appendix 10/2

Month by Month Breakdown of Premium Payments versus Fund Value for the Case 1 Endowment Mortgage Policy