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There would be nothing to be gained by you and I making subjective statements regarding the financial analysis data presented in Mortgage Quotations, such as:

The Primary Aim of all Endowment Mortgage Presentations

is to DECEIVE the Consumer !

A subjective blanket denial by any Financial Institution would be sufficient to silence us. After all, we are just nobody consumers! What do we know?

WE must therefore PROVE everything !

Anything short of ABSOLUTE PROOF would be a complete waste of time.

In this regard, our financial analysis of the Financial Institutions’ Mortgage Quotation representations (i.e. Case 1 and Case 2, as shown in Appendix 1/2) must be presented on a ‘first principles’ basis, thereby, ensuring that its veracity can be ratified by many people, and denying effect to the customary collusion of condoning silence from the ‘experts’ within the Financial Services Industry.

While you may have some difficulty getting a grasp of the fundamental mathematics necessary for financial analysis, you will have no difficulty understanding the legal implications of the many PROVEN deceptions we will expose in the Chapters that follow.

We begin our lesson on ‘How Money Works’ by going back to the Single Payment Formulae you will have studied in school as Compound Interest Formulae.


The Use of Single Payment Formulae


The Use of Uniform Series Payment Formulae


The Basic Tools of Investment Analysis


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