10.3.8A Disease of the Oldest Profession

In Section 10.3.4 above, we highlighted the fact that the Instrument created by the Life Assurance Company (i.e. the Investment-cum-Encashment mechanisms within their Policy Documents) exposed the borrower / policyholder to considerable ADDITIONAL Risk of financial harm, by reason of the fact that this Instrument stacked empirically known odds against the borrower / policyholder. We also stressed the fact that ALL Reward flowing from the borrower’s / policyholder’s exposure to this Risk accrues to the Life Assurance Company.

But this Instrument created by the Life Assurance Company must be seen for what it truly is — an Instrument of Fraud.


It is the Life Assurance Company's knowledge of the statistical facts relating to the Probability that the borrower / policyholder will encash his Policy before the end of any particular year throughout the term of the Policy, knowledge acquired and pooled over many years within the Life Assurance Industry, that gave rise to the creation of this Instrument.

The Life Assurance Company (specifically, its Management Personnel) KNEW the odds against the borrower / policyholder, and contrived to exploit those odds by creating an Instrument that ensured that the borrower / policyholder was exposed to a substantial Risk of financial harm, with ALL Reward commensurate to that Risk accruing to them, as Risk-Free Gravy.

There was a conscious knowledge on the part of the Life Assurance Company’s Management, at the moment of conception, that an Instrument was being created by them that was STACKED heavily against the borrower / policyholder.

They KNEW that, in their Endowment Mortgage Contract (and in similarly structured Investment Contracts), they were creating a ‘Stacked Deck’ that would provide them with rich Risk-Free rewards at the borrower’s / policyholder’s expense.

Having created the Instrument, an instrument conceived with dishonest intent,

Everything that followed —— All representations —— All non-disclosures —— All advice —— was designed to achieve one aim:

———  to induce the borrower to choose the Endowment Mortgage Contract and to refrain from choosing the Repayment Mortgage Contract.


Everything was designed to persuade the borrower to play with their ‘Stacked Deck’.

The defining Ethos among 'Those in Power within the Financial Service Institutions' became one of Systemic Fraud.

Utmost Good Faith?     Professional Integrity?    Legality?

Appropriate Advice?    Honesty?    Truthfulness? 

————— ALL, were forsaken for their own Gain.

The Management of such Financial Institutions first chose to prostitute their profession.

Then, syphillized by the infectious Greed cultured within these Institutions, they purposefully applied their knowledge and skill to ensure the perpetuation of their commission-driven Gravy Train.

And So It Goes !



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