1.1The Esteemed Status of Financial Institutions

I opened a savings account with the First National Building Society circa 1984. At that time it was the general requirement that one should have an established savings record with the Financial Institution from whom one sought a Mortgage Loan.

My wife and I had been saving with First National for some seven years when, in April 1991, I contacted them regarding our taking out a mortgage.

A meeting was arranged to explain to me the details of the various types of mortgage available and to advise me on same.
I was asked by First National’s Official to bring with me to this meeting a signed letter from my employer confirming my current gross annual salary.

At this stage I had acquired a number of First National pamphlets explaining their various products. In particular I would have been in possession of the First National HOME MORTGAGES Explanatory Pamphlet and would have been aware of its contents.

This pamphlet was similar to that reproduced in Appendix 1/1. It particularly highlighted the esteemed status of both the First National Building Society and the Irish Life Assurance Company, the virtues of Endowment Mortgages, the expert advice given by the First National Building Society and the expertise of its staff.


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