3.2Failure to even Mention the Existence of Onerous Conditions

As stated by Irish Life in their cover letter (Document 6A of Appendix 1/6) ––– the ‘policy documentation sets out the full conditions’ of the Endowment Mortgage Contract.

Nothing of the Conditions pertaining to the Endowment Mortgage Contract was communicated to me prior to Contract. My wife and I had therefore been advised to enter into a Contract, having been kept totally ignorant of the many onerous Conditions (highly relevant to our choice of Mortgage Contract) present in said Contract.
(The significance of these conditions, and the full impact of just how onerous these conditions are, will become apparent in later Chapters.)

The First National Building Society’s adviser had not even mentioned the existence of these Conditions, notwithstanding his failure to explain and advise on the onerous elements of same.

The main thrust of First National’s ‘expert advice’ as to our choice of Mortgage type, and the ENTIRETY of their Representation of the Investment Process pertaining to the Endowment Mortgage Contract, had been based on their Quotation Comparison comparing the Outlays and Benefits of the Endowment Mortgage with those of the Repayment Mortgage.

This Quotation Comparison (and it must follow, by induction, all similar Quotation Comparisons) we will PROVE in later Chapters to be a Contrived Deception.


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