3.4No Sight of the Contract Conditions until After the Time of Contract

The ‘Date of Advance’ of our Mortgage Loan from the First National Building Society was the 1st August 1991.


From THE SCHEDULE (see Document 6B of Appendix 1/6) it can be seen that the ‘Date of Commencement’ of the Life Assurance Policy (the Endowment Mortgage Policy) was also the 1st August 1991.

It is also clear from THE SCHEDULE that the first monthly PREMIUM of £147.20 was payable to Irish Life on the 1st August 1991 (this by a direct debit mandate).

It is therefore logical to conclude that the TIME OF CONTRACT was the 1st August 1991 or some time prior to that date ––– certainly not after that date.

Yet my wife and I did not receive, nor have prior sight of, the Contract Conditions until some days after the 1st August 1991, i.e. after the TIME OF CONTRACT.



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